Redbubble Tips and Tricks


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  1. Upload what you would buy 
  2. Use shop link
  3. Follow Trends
  4. FanArt
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Variation
  7. Be Careful with Tags
  8. Upload Consistently
  9. Self Promotion
  10. Check what different tags artist are using


Redbubble is print on demand marketplace from which you can earn money passively but we are not going into what is Redbubble in-depth in this blog, for the overview of Redbubble you should visit our previous blog Redbubble Full Guide.

In this blog, we are going to talk about Advance Tips and Tricks which can help you to speed up your Redbubble journey.


★ Upload what you can buy

This sounds a little obvious everyone has a store of their taste but here I want you to emphasize on the overall representation of the store. Many artists try to upload everything they see in trend to get sales, you should follow trends but do not forget individuality. 

Looking at hundreds of Redbubble accounts I felt the artist who has their own style to catch up on trends end up making much more sales.  

Featured artist is the best example for this trend.

★ Use your Shop Link

To earn an extra commission, Redbubble offers artists an affiliate program through which they can earn by directly driving customers to your store. You can find the link at top of your dashboard.

 Follow trends 

Just like a regular showroom which decorates according to festivals and season, we have the focus to on all these things even on Redbubble.  

For example, if Christmas is within 3-4 weeks, then you should start uploading designs according to Christmas gifts or their decoration. This will for sure increase the number of sales.  

(PS try picking up on trends before 6 weeks of the occasion because Redbubble takes time for delivery [7 –15 days or sometimes more]. If you started posting your designs 1-2 weeks before the occasion chances are most of the customers have already shopped.) 

Pro-tip to catch up on trends: – 

(This website updates new trends on Redbubble every Monday) 

How does this website work? 

Well, I have simplified this for you. 

If you guys want an In-depth explanation on how Redbubble Automation Tools work, please comment down below. 

Consistent work always pays off. I’m telling this from my personal experience whenever I have uploaded designs daily or on alternative days, I get more sales. 

★ FanArt 

Fanart is a program by which you are allowed to upload the design of a brand that lies in copyright infringement but through fan art, you don’t have to deal with copyright issues.

But but but everything has a drawback you cannot add the design of any brand out of nowhere, you have to check current brand partnerships to see which brand have a partnership with Redbubble and you can add designs of those particular brands only.

To check all the brand partnerships, visit this link 

Things to keep in mind while uploading fan art

Check out Redbubble fan art help for more information 

 Google Analytics 

Trust me when I say Google analytics is the key for sale. If you want sales then link your account with google analytics. You need to know what is going on with your shop and get accurate data as much as possible so that you could know which design is bringing traffic. It gives you a complete view of the store such as from where you are getting more traffic or how much time people spend on your store and many more.

How to set up google analytics with Redbubble?  

  • For those who don’t have google analytics 
  • Who have google analytics?


If you have a design that sells more often than others then you should Definity upload more variations of the design.  

Variations can be just changing the color or background of the design and many be editing text.  

Look at the image below for more clarification. 

★ Be careful with tags

Tags are responsible for your traffic. Redbubble algorithm works on tags, how relevant your
tags are will directly show up on your sales.
Now how do we do that?

  • Never use irrelevant tags such as colors, or any tags that doesn’t make sense with your design.
  • Make sure to never use more than 20 tags (PS – the limit for the tag is 50 but adding
    that many tags will only mess up with the Redbubble traffic algorithm, hence less sale).

A website that will help you for getting tags- Merch Titan Redbubble Tag Generator –

Enter a keyword and get the tags. Change it to copy format and then select limited tags and
copy it.
(PS use 2-3 titles to get the best tags here for example if I’m uploading an art of triangle pattern
so I will search tags by using titles such as triangle pattern, digital art, minimalistic life.)
{note – tags are the key to get sales to make sure you take time in this process}

If you guys want an In-depth explanation of how Redbubble merch titans work, please comment down below. 

 Upload consistently 

 This is because of the Redbubble algorithm when an artist is consistent on their platform, they tend to show up on the higher pages for searches so that more customers can reach out to the designs easily.  

(Ps – I am not asking you to go crazy and add 30-40 designs within a day. Just uploading 2-3 designs a day will be more than enough)  


I know Redbubble itself have a good organic reach but why not add cherry on the cake? Promoting on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and so no will can make your individual store famous. 

Trust me I have experienced many customers who will directly reach out to you for custom products which are not possible if you are just dependent on Redbubble organic reach. So, promote well on social media. 

How to do that? 

Check out Redbubble self-promotion page – 


Use Instagram to promote your artwork. More views will surely get you more sales. Using the #redbubbleartists hashtag or tagging @redbubbleartists when you share your work on Social Media can help you spot your latest designs. Personally, I think many customers don’t get what bubblemail is so they kind of want a straightforward way to communicate so I suggest you should add your professional Gmail in bio and add all the social media to Redbubble so that it would be easy for customers to contact you.

Check what tags different artists are using 

So, adding tags on products doesn’t come easy you actually have to research about every keyword you use. 

Why not use Redbubble itself as a research platform as well?  

Step 1 – search the keyword you would use on the Redbubble search. 

Step 2 – go the first product came up on search page.

Step 3 – scroll down to their tags area and check out what tags are used by other artists.  

(PS this has 2 benefits, first, you got to know the tags most suitable for design, and second, it increases linking between the design. In easy words, I can say If you add 3-4 same tags for design chances are your designs will appear on similar below the option of the design you added the same tags from. ) 

Rating: 1 out of 5.


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