Teepublic is one of the largest and fastest-growing platform on print-on-demand websites. It is a great platform to showcase your art as well as make money.

What is TeePublic?

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  • How does it work?
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TeePublic Review: How Good Are TeePublic Shirts?

Teepublic is a print-on-demand website founded in 2013 that sells a great range of products from t-shirts to stickers and many more. TeePublic is a platform for custom apparel and designs owned by Redbubble.

Thousands of artists all across the world upload their design/art on this platform (any art form is appreciated canvas, photography, abstract, etc.), and when a customer buys their product, they get a Royalty out of it.   

So, what are you waiting for? Make an account on teepublic now, we will help you throughout keep reading. 

Is TeePublic worth it? 

YES! It is one of the largest and fastest-growing print-on-demand website. It is a great platform to showcase your art as well as make money.  

Some stats of the traffic of teepublic – 

How does it work?  

To earn on teepublic you must have an arts/design it could be in any form doesn’t matter as long as it is something that customers will give money for. But make sure you make your own art; Not any kind of stock image is not accepted they will take your design down or might just suspend your account. This will lead to the violation of copyrights. 

So, you have to simply make an account, add some of your details and payment method and you are ready to upload the designs. Although everyone could do that you must keep reading if you want to know how to make sales fast and want to learn extra tips and tricks on how to make your store look presentable. 

How much could you make at teepublic? 

For a t-shirt artist margin is 4$ but in sale time the margin is halved. 

This might not seem a great margin but trust me teepublic marketing does the magic and it will bring you a lot of sales so even with a low margin an artist could good amount. Teepublic marketing is the key that it is still stable after so many years while many companies have started to drown.  

You can check the margin on all the items present on teepublic here TeePublic-Margins.

How to get paid through it? 

You can check your earnings from my account. It really gives a clear vision about earning more than any other print-on-demand website. 

Teepublic pays artists on every 15th date of the month through their PAYPAL OR PAYONEER account.

Although it does have a threshold of 20$, that means you have to earn 20$ or more than 20$ to get the money else your money will be kept safe and when you get more sales and make it to the threshold you will get the money on the 15th of that same month. 

You can also get your earning report. 

Comparison between print-on-demand websites.

TeePublic v/s Redbubble v/s TeeSpring 

Teepublic is one of the great competition in the print-on-demand business and ahead of many big names.  

Check the graph below:

Facts about TeePublic! 

  • Teepublic was taken over by Redbubble in 2019. 
  • Teepublic also has a fan art program just like Redbubble has. 
  • Teepublic has a bulk uploader which actually eases the pain to upload every single design separately. 

How to sell on teepublic?  

Step 1

Make an account via this link on teepublic – https://www.teepublic.com/.

And click on the artist signup option. And Then fill up all the details. 

Step 2

log in your account -> my account -> upload a design

Step 3

Upload your design from device or you can use multi file uploader to upload more than one design at once  

(ps: I would recommend you to choose multi file uploader it saves a lot of time). 

 But for now, let’s learn how to upload a single file [ for multi file uploader keep reading topic will be covered a later ].

 Note – check the design requirements below before uploading. 

Transparent .Png file  at 150dpi
Min dimensions – 1500px * 1995px 
Max dimensions – 5000px * 5500px

Step 4

Scroll down and you will find these options-  


Name your design here (it really doesn’t matter what’s the name of the design as long as it makes sense with design).


Describe your design in the minimum words possible.   


All the sales you are going to get depends on this very tag.  

 Things to keep in mind while adding this tag.  

  • The tag should relate to your product. 
  • Add trendy tags such as I would use abstract painting as my tag because it is trendy, easily searched and people really want abstract paints. 


Add more relatable tags here which are trendy. Tags are the only way for customers to find your design.  

How can actually find keywords or tag from this website and it shows the most trendy and relatable tags for your designs. – https://automation.merchtitans.com/tools/teepublic-tag-generator 

Just search 2-3 keyword on this website and pick first 4-5 from each one. 

Note – you can only add 15 designs in teepublic supporting tags. So don’t waste space with irreverent tags. 

This is how I would fill this section. 

Step 5

Now we have to arrange design on products and along with that, we will choose default colors for all the items available on teepublic. 

We have the option to enable or disable the item we don’t like.  

(In my experience you should not disable any product, you might get sales from them too.)  


The tools option will help you aline the products symmetrically. 

And the scale option below will help you increase or decrease the design size. 

The best thing about teepublic is it provides a lot of color options, you could choose as many colors you want but take it from me, adding more than 7 colors in a product will only confuse the customers. So from these many colors choose the best 7-8 colors. 

Step 6

Now, arrange design for all of the products. ( I know this is a bit time-consuming but trust me it will be worth it. It’s just one-time work and you could earn money from the same design for years.) 

Publish your design. And wait for the magic to happen. 

Your design will somewhere look like this on products. 

Amazing right? 

Now it’s your turn. Make an account and follow these steps. 

And do not forget to tell us about your sales. We are happy to help you in case of any query. 

Now that you’ve done the basic steps and your store is ready! Time to switch to advance mode. Learn Teepublic tips & tricks. Learn how to get more sales and your way to make more creative designs!

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