Tips And Tricks For TeePublic

Tips & Tricks For More Sales In TeePublic

  • Main Tag
  • Teepublic Tags (merch titans)
  • Google analytics
  • Use similar keywords in title, tags, and description
  • Use “also search from “for more relevant tags
  • Fanart
  • Customize well
  • Target all the products
  • Do not choose every color: be selective
  • One niche store?
  • Things to avoid in TeePublic
  • Account Suspension

⋆ Main tag is the focus 

TeePublic says main tag is a tag I would search to find your design! 

So, if you really want sales, take your main tag attractive yet searchable. 

The highlighted word is the main tag for this t-shirt “ABSTRACT ART” and if anyone searches for abstract art my products will be shown to that person, now you know how this works?

Teepublic not only advertises your products on its website but also on google. So, you can get traffic directly from google. Amazing right? 

⋆ TeePublic Tag Generator

By now you know the importance of tags. So why let go even a single chance to get sales? 

Similarly, Work on supporting tags as well!

Get all the supporting tags you need from here: Merch Titans TeePublic Tag Generator 

I personally use this and this tool is amazing!

Search your tags -> get tags -> format and copy tags -> copy and paste tags on teepublic

So yes, it is this simple. Make sure you choose the best of the tags as the teepublic tag limit is just 15 but try 8-9 tags because it’ll help the teepublic algorithm.

Use relevant tags!

⋆ Google Analytics

How about I tell you that you can see when your customers are highly active, from where you get the greatest number of visitors or which of your design is getting the most traffic?  

Well, Google Analytics is the golden key to your store.

Well, many more things are possible with google analytics so it is safe to say that it is actually the golden key so that you could observe customers and make appropriate changes to your work. Analysis of the traffic, number of users, products most likely by the customer, and so on. – refer this link for latest Google Analytics setup.

How to set google analytics in TeePublic? 

  • Make an account on google analytics first. 
  • Then create a new profile for your teepublic statistics. 
  • Copy your tracking ID and enter it in the tracking id option. (Which you will find in:  my account-> google analytics). 
  • Then just wait for 24 hours to get the stats. 

⋆ Repeat similar keyword in title, description, and tags  

This is a very small tip but it actually brings a huge difference. 

By adding similar keywords in all of these three you are actually bringing your design to the main focus. Check out the highlighted part.

⋆ Use “Customers Also Search” for more relevant tags   

Now you are done uploading designs but what if the tags you added aren’t sufficient or you missed out on an important tag. Well, we got you covered you can actually check and compare your tags with the “customer also search” option, and if you think you missed out on something you can always edit your already uploaded design.

⋆ FanArt

Teepublic official “FAN ART PROGRAM” allows artists to create and submit designs for many brands. If an artist’s fan art is accepted, he/she could sell officially licensed work via teepublic.

How does it work?

  1. Brand Partnerships 
    Here’s where ( you’ll find information on current partnerships. Teepublic will be adding more to this list soon! 
  1. Check Guidelines 
    Each brand has a set of do’s and don’ts for getting your work officially approved. Make sure you’re familiar with these before working on your designs. 
  1. Tag Your Work 
    Once your design is ready, upload it on TeePublic and tag it properly. You can find the right tags on each guidelines page. 
  1. Watch Your Inbox 
    Your work will be reviewed. Once the review is complete, they’ll send you an email to let you know if it’s been approved or if the partner has decided to pass.  

What to expect?

⋆ Customization

After uploading your design don’t just save the artwork. Don’t Be Lazy! Adjust the size and select color and make it look representative.

⋆ Target all the products

Well, this is common sense more the number of products, the more the number of sales. So, try to target the maximum number of products. 

Do not choose every color

All your hard work is a waste if you don’t focus on this part.  

Do you ever try to shop and just get irritated when you have a lot of good options, and end up buying nothing? 

Well, this is a fact more options confuse the human mind. So, from a lot of good color options from teepublic, choose 6-7 best ones. But according to trends darker shades get the most popularity.

One niche store OR Trendy Art

Well, there are many people who are confused about whether they should sell products according to trend or focus on one niche store!

But there is a way. Try every different product and see which one getting the maximum sales and then make it one niche store of that most likely product. That’s how you can even compare which one of your art types is mostly liked and then create more variation on that type . That’s how you can make it one niche store. Simple & Easy!

Things to avoid

Basic TeePublic Setup Blog

TeePublic from scratch / step-by-step / 2021 / Get trips & Tricks- LiVAiL

Go through this link!

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